Company Mission!

Cure-It Systems will help 100,000 private medical practices serve their patients better

through improved systems, automation, and making compliance easy.

I used to think that company missions and values were a joke. Then I worked for the wrong boss with the wrong company for all the wrong reasons. I was miserable and unproductive. It was affecting my physical and mental health. Now I know that the values and mission a company builds itself on are the bedrock for what it will become and how it will succeed.



Defined as the condition of being esteemed or honored.
Our company respects and honors the uniqueness of each individual and business owner that enters it’s sphere.


Defined as qualities of honesty, courage, or the like; integrity.
Our company highly regards these qualities and strives to live by them everyday


Defined as the body of persons engaged in an occupation or calling.
Our company considers everything we do to be a way to serve someone. Even if just for a day. A calling of sorts to show up and serve daily.


Defined as affectionate concern for the well-being of others.
Our company really does care for the person beyond the business. The bad days, personal issues, and anything else that is making business harder for you. We are here to support you.


Defined as open; frank; candid.
Our company strives to be truthful and upfront without being cruel.