Stressed about regulations, compliance, and keeping pace with all the changes in healthcare?


Take the Risk and Productivity Assessment and see how your practice stacks up.

You are a private practice owner/manager and love running a well-oiled Private Practice.

But you are being pulled in a million different directions and compliance is falling through the cracks.

What you need is a Practice Productivity Framework™
With a Practice Productivity Framework™, you can rest assured that you are up to date, will pass all your inspections, and your door will stay open. 



Whether your goal is to stay compliant, streamline office operations, improve productivity, or simplify workflows so you have less stress and worry, the path is the same. You need a process to follow!

By first assessing where you are and then creating a process to follow and implementing it, then training your team you can become a highly effective practice.

My mission is simple. To help private practice owners reduce risk and maxamize productivity by documenting, delegating, and getting things done. Because staying up to date and relying on your processes is key to keeping your doors open.

I look forward to working with you.


Who is Liz Goodman?


Liz graduated from nursing school with honors in 2010. Her nursing career started many years prior with taking care of her ailing grandfather as a teen. She then got involved independently in home health with a tracheostomy patient. As that patient transitioned into long-term care, she would later train the nursing staff at the local facility to take care of him. Special permission had to be granted from the board of nursing on several occasions for her involvement in his care. After working in home health and at the local nursing facility, she was nudged out the door by her mentors to attend nursing school.
Her experience as a nurse includes; home health, long-term care, Veterans Administration Hospital, and an Integrative Clinic as a nurse, marketer, and practice manager.
Liz works as a Virtual Online Practice Manager from her home in South Dakota, keeping the fire and passion to help providers and patients very much alive.
Liz’s hobbies include: spending time with her two fur kids, crocheting, getting lost in a research topic, and movies and television



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